Uspa Facial Rituals

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Uspa Concept Facials

75mins / $95

Each Concept Facial Ritual caters to the individual's concerns.  A foot bath, hot towel therapy, Balinese body palming, lymphatic drainage and massage make it a truly wholistic experience.


Hydramax Facial

This facial is designed to revitalise dry, dehydrated skin.  Rich botanical extracts will leave your skin
plump, supple and hydrated effectively addressing redness and signs of premature ageing.

Regenerative Pure C Facial

Ideal for prematurely aged, stressed and damaged skin.  This treatment infuses vitamin C, a powerful
antioxidant which promotes collagen production, strengthens capillaries and reduces pigmentation
and age spots

Purifying Facial

Created for those needing a detoxifying skin treatment to remove impurities and congestion and restore balance.  Suits normal to oily and acne-prone skin types.

Refining Fruit Acid Facial

 Designed to remove build up and impurities and refine the skin by strengthening and restoring tissues
with a specially formulated blend of botanical alpha hydroxy acids.  Recommended to bring back vitality
to dull, devitalised or aged skin.

De-sensitising Facial

Soothing and balancing, this facial restores the skin by reducing redness and irritation.  Ideal to soothe
sensitive, inflamed skin including rosacea, dermatitis and psoriasis-prone skin.

Essential Focus Facial

45mins / $65

Ideal for those short on time needing the benefits of a therapeutic facial boost. 
Focuses on your most challenging concerns.

Eye Contour Wrap

15mins / $20   (as an add-on to any facial ritual)

This treatment is an add on to any Uspa facial.  It's a traditional Ayurvedic remedy that helps eliminate puffiness, fatigue and dark circles under the eyes.