About Alexandra

My passion for massage and healing therapies started over 20 years ago, when I was still living in Europe.  While working in the corporate world as an event organiser and language manager, I was drawn to various massage techniques such as Swedish, Polarity and Reflexology.

Ever since my mother introduced me to my first sauna ritual as a teenager, I have been exploring the European Spa scene with a particular interest in body therapies and sauna's in conjunction with aromatherapy and hydrotherapies.  I guess it is no coincidence that the word "Spa" originates from a town in my country of birth, Belgium, where the mineral healing baths gained popularity since the Roman Empire.

A few years after emigrating to Australia, I took the plunge and studied Remedial Massage and Integrated Body Therapies. These studies gave me a solid grasp on the body's anatomy and physiology as well as a good understanding of other healing modalities such as Lymphatic Drainage, Shiatsu, Traditional Chinese Massage, Myofascial Release and Aromatherapy.It is my view that each therapy has its unique set of strengths which can be tailored to suit the client's individual needs at the time. 

When I first started my Ayurvedic journey, I was excited to learn there was a body of knowledge that clearly explains the interconnectedness of everything and at the same time respects our individual elemental differences.

Amongst my truly transforming experiences was giving birth naturally to our two beautiful children. This taught me to listen to my body (and baby in utero) and to prepare physically, mentally and emotionally for the journey of motherhood.  I still credit my Ayurvedic post-natal massages for my quick recovery after giving birth. I felt hormonally balanced, at peace and relaxed.

In my massage practice my aim is to restore balance to the body using my current knowledge of Ayurveda and the various healing modalities I've learned along the way, which I believe ultimately allows the body to heal itself.  I feel blessed for having discovered Ayurveda, which to me is a perfect framework for bringing balance, health and self realisation to one's life.   

At "In Your Element", I offer massage and beauty therapies using the best quality Ayurvedic and botanic products, complemented by essential oils which are selected on the spot to suit the client's unique constitution and any imbalances present at the time.

Mid 2014 my family and I decided to leave the big city for a more balanced, natural and relaxed lifestyle on the Coffs Harbour coast.  I offer my treatments from  our country  cottage in Bonville.

Along with Ayurvedic treatments, I offer signature Uspa Body and FacialRituals, using their pure elements and natural botanical products to further enhance your spa experience.  The Uspa philosophy, product integrity and highly personalised treatment approach made it a natural choice to complement my body therapies.

I invite you to visit us and discover how you too can be In Your Element .