Know Your Child's Nature


An Ayurvedic approach to understanding your child's biological, mental and emotional tendency (prakruti) brings balance to your child's life (and the family's!). Although social influences affect a child's behavior, so too does the child's innate genetic tendencies. The five subtle energies of ether, air, fire, water and earth exist within all beings. However, they exist in varying degrees and therefore each individual needs varying modifications in their diet and lifestyle to maintain balance. A vata child (air and ether dominant) who is out of balance, would more likely suffer from for example sleep disturbances, dryness of skin, constipation, hyperactivity and anxiety. A pitta child would more likely suffer from impatience, inflammation of the skin, loose bowels and anger. A kapha child (water and earth) for example who is out of balance, would more likely suffer from lethargy, overeating, depression and congestion. Each child is born with their unique constitution that engages the environment both physically and emotionally. Understanding your child's nature  brings more peace and acceptance to the child and the parent and allows a greater opportunity for emotional and physical growth. Being different is natural. Being out of balance is unnatural. Through simple modifications to diet, lifestyle changes and communication methods you and your child can enjoy the fruits of a mother's love and labour.
Robyn and Alexandra offer a combination treatment for mother and child (over five) which includes an ayurvedic assessment and an ayurvedic massage for both.
Total time: 2 hours 15 minutes                              Fee: $130