Optional Extra's

Luxurious Hydro Bath

2hrs / $55   ($25pp for groups)


Complete your Ayurvedic experience with a luxury flower spa bath in our Mediterranean courtyard.  This hydrotherapy indulgence is both de-stressing and relaxing at the same time.  Escape to the tropics with exotic aroma oil blends catering to your relaxation needs. Soothing Bath Salts are added to relax tired muscles and joints. 




Ginger Compress (for women's balance)

0.5hr / $40pp   


This beautiful treatment is aimed at stimulating and balancing the flow of energy within the digestive organs, kidney, bladder and reproductive organs. Releasing energy blockages in this area of the body, it removes stagnation that may be the cause of menstrual and fertility issues. According to some Ayurvedic teachers, women tend to hold their grievances in their hips and massaging the hips invokes feelings of love and nurturing.  Ginger has warming properties and is helpful in alleviating lower back pain, relaxing sore muscles and increasing circulation. 





"One of the secrets of a happy life is continuous small treats."

Iris Murdoch