What some of our clients say...

I had the very great honour and pleasure of being Alexandra's first client at Sunny Hill Retreat in Bonville. Referred there by a leading Ayurvedic doctor for a series of treatments, I found I could not have been in better hands.  Alexandra welcomed me with warmth, humour and a sensational foot bath each day. She has a real knowledge and skills in ayurvedic healing, and was more than happy to share her knowledge over a cup of chai and treats, or lunch, depending on the session’s end time. She provided me with much insight into Ayurvedic principles and practice. Her massages were restorative and a blissful  pleasure.  She took care to adapt each treatment to changes in my mind and body as it required. Alexandra was generous with her time and energy and I am still reaping the benefits of her great work. I believe whatever treatment Alexandra was offering, be it massage, shirodhara or a facial, it would be done with the extraordinary care and attention to your own needs that I received in each and every session.    


Alexandra - we had an amazing, replenishing day at your "In Your Element" day spa.  Your skills as an Ayurvedic practitioner are amazing.  The serene, relaxing and private setting of the day spa make this a true retreat.  We leave absolutely refreshed, reinvigorated and feeling balanced and ready to recommend the experience to others and return again ourselves to Sunny Hill Retreat as a destination.


WOW !!!  After having the "Full Body Bliss" treatment + spa, I would definitely say that was the best spa experience I have ever had.  Thank you so much, Alexandra.  I am well and truly relaxed.


Thank you for an amazing treatment.  What a beautiful oasis of calm and tranquility.  I am the most relaxed I've been in years after my "Pure Indulgence" treatment.  Thank you so much Alex.


A truly heavenly massage and facial experience in a beautiful atmosphere.  Thank you Alexandra & Gina!


It isn't often you come across a therapist like Alexandra.  So gifted with a beautiful, kind nature.  I'm very grateful to have received this blissful treatment today.  Thank you.


So nurturing, SENSE-ual!!  Loved it!